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greetings Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "dudemanstan27" journal:

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November 25th, 2005
01:27 pm


i love sophie

1:21:52 PM: You are now directly connected to boomie53.
boomie53: k well i was in bimart today

baumdexterous: yeah

boomie53: and i opened a hairtie package

baumdexterous: are u serious?

baumdexterous: what's that

baumdexterous: hairtie

boomie53: hair tie

boomie53: like the stuff to hold up the hair

boomie53: and then i wore one of the hair ties

boomie53: aaah i can't explain it

baumdexterous: yeha

baumdexterous: and did they caught

baumdexterous: u

boomie53: well the police lady was following me around but before i loeft i put back hte hair tie and where it was and bought a different color, and when i walkded out the store the police lady like stoppeda me and said i'm under arrest

boomie53: she thought that i stole the hair tie

boomie53: but i put it back

boomie53: so i had to tell her

boomie53: and then she said i trespassed for opening something that i didnt' buy

boomie53: so she etook my picture

boomie53: and i am band from all bimarts in the world for the rest of my life

i know its not funny. but somehow....

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06:49 am


the entry that was here seems to have caused some panic among friends. thus its moving. it need not be here.
i m still still gonna say that guys are jerks.

oh also. don't worry but what it said here or anything. i m not a depressed lil child. i m actually quite fine and i don't care at all. i m just me!!!!!


Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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06:49 am


no idea y i said i feel flirty in that mood. i m retarted. i m not feeling flirty.

Current Mood: confusedconfused

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06:20 am


thanksgiving y'all
hey everybody, happy thanksgiving. I hope you all had a grand time. I was bored all day.
My thanksgiving:
*Mom and i just chilled all day.
*my mom cooked and i watched tv and chilled with the computer. lol
*my dad comes home and works some more
*we finally drag him away from work to eat dinner.
*he was in a bad mood which got me in a bad mood but then he lightened up, and all was good.
*out table discussion consitied of talking about things like:
~shrunken heads and how you do it
~shrinking the dead bodies of super obsesse ppl to take up less underground coffin space.
and other interesting topics
and then this sad topic which depressed me:
~my dad doesn't think highly of my as a musician anymore. that was really relaly depressing. (more on this in a bit)
*then i left and went to sophies house.
*we watched "christmas with the kranks" which i ve seen before but i really like it. i dunno why i just do. lol
*i just got home and now i m doing this.

so i m upset about the drumming thing because drumming and music are my life. and its not my fault that i don't have all the time in the world do do everything. my problem is that i m getting bored of just practicing all the time by myself and only getting to play out every once in a while. i want something else that i can do too. i really really want to play tho. and i still practice just not like all the time. its really really stessful for me. like alyssa stopped playing piano because of how stressful it was for her and her family to try to fit it in everyday. i just refuse to quit because i love it so much and i ve been playing for so long.
its not my fault i don't have time i mean seriously.
~i get home from crew depending on the time of year between 5 30 and 7 30 pm.
~i still have to:
*eat dinner
*take a shower
*do my homework
*take a moment to breath and keep my sanity
and i don't go to bed like really late. unlike dear noah, i can't stay up till4 every night doing homework. a supwe late night for me when i have MONGO projects and i m going crazying with a poster board or something is 1:30! haha how does he stay up till 4???? i really need my sleep i guess lol.
another problem is that drumming so so loud and my set is right in the middle of my house so its nopt like i can just start drumming at 10:30 because my parents go to bed early.

ugh this is just getting sooo annoying. i don't know what to do and i feel bad cuz i m really letting my dad down.

I thought of something i hope never happens today: what if one or both of my parents don't like the guy i m going to marry? that would really suck. i doubt it will happen, but i m just saying....

Macy's thanksgiving parade was cool this morning. i enjoyed it at least.

I went through a thinking period earier. but i worked it out now. the attention a had last night was a little wierd. i think i should get some morals pounded a little harder into my head. being basically raped is a wierd experiece. anyways enough of that.

why is like no one online? ugh

i really want to like someone. it sounds fun. haha

jenny is giving me an early christmas present tommarrow. apperently is has to do with alchohol. (not drinkable) and whats great is that her mom bought it and said "jenny you should give this to one of your friends!" so basically its gonna be really really cool. and it will need to be hidden from my parents for the most part. unlike most of my friends who don't care waht their parents see....
examples would include:
~when we were playing alcohol land at alyssa's house and her mom comes down and she doesn't even try to hide it and her mom sees and is like "alcohol land?" and walks away. even after everything she knows...
~and how jenny just talks about everything infront of her mom because she thinks her mom is really stupid
they both talk about smoking and drinking infront of theri parents.
i don't get it, i can't do that. it would be so wierd. waht do they think they are cool or so,ething cuz their parents know that they know about alcohol? i dunno but w/e
my opinion is that its better if your parents just sorta assume you don't know about this stuff. that is kinda blown for me. but at least i don't give my parents any reason to keep worrying about me after that night. thats waht this year is all about:trust.
but yeah i m excited for this alchy gift and it was be sweet to have and someday use. (its usable but not drinkable)
wow i m writing so much
i havn't done this in FOREVER.

OMG MY IPOD IS BROKEN!!! i m waiting for the box so i can send it back and get a new one. its so depressing i miss it so much. his name was macbeth. my new one will need a new name. any ideas? comment me on this entry. i ll use all the names and combine this in one uber long name if lots of ppl leave names for me.
i love names.

omg on saturday stella and i are going to the festival of trees cuz its our tradition every yeah and its sooo fun and happy. and we eat this christmas bark stuff that we're obsessed with. YUMMM and then we usually go to mucho gusto for lunch. i love that place sooo much! ahhh i m so excited. we're also gonna meet nate there after a while and chill with him.
i m not worried about that at all, its totally chill with me, i just hope its not too wierd or anything. im not expecting it to be but i guess you never know....

i m having a beach boy fest right now, its so great.
k i guess i m leaving to go look at myspace for a while and then if there is nothing interesting there i will go to bed since NO ONE is talking to me online and i m too lazy to im anyone. sometimes i decide just to see who actaully im's me. and at times, its no one. lol i tend to im lots of ppl.
oh well.
happy thanksgiving everyone!!1

Current Mood: flirtyflirty
Current Music: beach boys

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November 17th, 2005
05:32 pm


This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

so i have no love life lol

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05:20 pm


i m bored.
later i m going to sophie's to do homework and watch the oc. yay.

i m sick of school but its still ok. i would die without the people in it tho.

danny and i just had a nice discussion about hammons and her stupidness.


i m out.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: world cry ~lafa taylor

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October 30th, 2005
08:53 pm


i absolutly can't handle myself.

or the things i ve done to people.

i m sorry.

Current Mood: depressedreally really sad

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October 26th, 2005
09:18 pm


k so i learned somethingn about myself today: i forgive other ppl really easily. even tho they can re-aggravte or anger me again and then i ll forgive them right away... etc...
but i don't forgive myself easily at all. like i actaully can not forgive myself.

my day sucked today because ellen jacked my seat in the boat. like i wanted to cry i was so sad. i just hate crying in public. but i was so sad/mad. brittany moved me from 7 seat to 5 seat. i hate it so much. especailly it just happened to be the day that mora was like "yeah 7 seat is the hardest. its really cool that your in it." its like when she got fired after the coachs were like "yay, what your doing is so good." i foundout i m rowing 5 seat in the portland loop and i m so mad. like i want to just die. i don't even want to do crew anymore. it sucks and i hate it. i loved being 7 seat so much. like undiscribably much. and its a no brainer that ellen is better than me but, still, i mean i know she deserves it.... basically today was a major drop in self-confidence day.

on that note
things i hate about myself and wish i could change:
*i m mean
*i m annoying
*i m loud
*i m a bitch
*i m rude
*i m inconciderate
*i m bossy
*no one trusts me
*i don't trust myself
*i hate me
*i don't want to be who i am
*i can't forgive myself for anything, especailly july 21st
and other various things

y am i like this? i used to be NICE. i want to change but theres so much stuff i want to change i can't even keep track of it all. so i can't even concintrate on working on my change.

self-confidence=on the down-low yo

Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: nothin

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October 22nd, 2005
10:20 pm


omg i was just lisening to music and i started hearing this bubbling sound that sounded like samara was coming to get me. and i m scared. like no joke. i actaully think i might have a heart attack. o h m y g o d. so ya

music is back on.

cuz i turned it off to hear the bubbling better.

i had a wierd thought a while ago. not like it really matters or that i care but its just a wierd prospect. :I wonder if i ll have a bf this year. like i m just saying thats a wierd thought. just being like hmmm will i like anyone or will anyone like me? ah hahahahaha high school is so funnny. but seriously....wierd thought.

so i want a car. bad.

i m going.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: bayside

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10:01 pm


so i had a lot to say about today but by the time i get to my lj i m too lazy to say any of it. wow i suck. so i ll just make a fast list minus the details and if ya wanna know more ask me online or preferably in person. so yeah TODAY:
*novice regatta in p town. we almost won.
*kimberley runing everything.
*kaitlyn, iris, jenna, and me bitching about the stupid crabs.
*and how we almost won except for loser face.
*no shes actually nice, i really have nothing against her, just at the moment we needed some major venting.
*having a chocolate milkshake.
*Shopping at woodburn
*my dad buying me something for the first time i can remember
*lisening to my ipod
*my neighbor had another baby so i didn't have to babysit tongiht.
*chillin with alyssa and jenny and jayden and keegan
*jayden driving us around for a lil while while lisening to lafa taylor
*animal crackers
*watching court tv channel and the sci fi channel
*my mom making me leave now because shes on crack
*reating "a lot like love"
*not really wanting to watch it because i m not in a mood to watch a movie about love
*going to watch it
*feeling sorta sad
k bye

Current Mood: apatheticpathetic
Current Music: barenaked ladies

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